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The Role of the Research Team


  • Clinical research involving treatment: Manages one or more drug studies. Will assist in identifying patients that might be eligible, will schedule and perform study visits, works with the sponsor in making sure that the study is conducted exactly as it was designed.
  • Clinical research that does not involve treatment: Coordinates donations from participants who have agreed to give part of themselves to researchers for use at Emory and at other centers. Examples of such donations include: one time donation of blood samples, donation of several samples of blood or spinal fluid over time, donation of time completing questionnaires and answering questions, donation of tissue at the time of death
  • Informs patients about research news and research opportunities
  • Contacts potential participants when new studies start


Research Director:

Meraida Polak, RN, BSN         Jane Bordeau, RN

meraida          Jane


             Arish Jamil                      Anna Partlow

  Arish Jamil      Anna Partlow


  Michael Goulbourne-Information Specialist