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What to Expect at Clinic


 What to Expect & How to Prepare for Your Next ALS Clinic Appointment

Multidisciplinary clinic can be a long day for pALS and caregivers. We are always trying to be more efficient to make your time at the clinic shorter, while also making sure that all your needs are taken care of and we provide the best clinical care. You can help us in communicating questions, changes, and problems you are having before your scheduled appointment.

All patients will see: Neurologist, Attending Physician or Nurse Practitioner, Respiratory Therapy, Research Team Representative, Nurse, MDA, and ALSA. For some patients, once you see these each of these persons your visit will be complete. Others may need to see additional members of our clinic team. (A complete list of the Emory ALS clinic team is on the following pages.)

Sometime during the week prior to your ALS clinic appointment, you should be contacted by Holly, Leila, or Kimberlee, either by phone or email. If for some reason you do not, please call prior to your appointment. You can also call in the week of clinic at 404-778-3444. Please make sure you let them know what changes have occurred since your last visit. Let them know of any concerns or questions you have and if you need to see any of the following: Speech, PT/OT, Dietician, Representative to aid in access to technology, which includes Augmentative Communication, or other equipment providers. We typically have students, and Neurology trainees (Residents and Fellows) who may participate in your visit as well.

Planning ahead will help us be prepared to meet your needs, and hopefully shorten the time you will be there. It's a good idea to bring a book or something to pass the time - of course our volunteers are also happy to visit with you as well!

Multidisciplinary ALS clinic is located at:

1365 Clifton Rd, Building B, 2nd floor

Atlanta GA 30322

It is easiest to use the valet service at Building A next door, or be dropped There is also a parking deck behind Building B that is a shorter walk from where the valet is. Handicapped parking spots are available in the parking deck. We are unable to validate parking.

Our contact information is:


Fax: 404-778-3495

Patients can sign up for the email portal by calling 404-727-8820. Patients with speech problems, please have family call our office and leave their email address.

Emory ALS clinic team:

Jonathan Glass, MD            Christina Fournier, MD      Holly Doe, RN – Nurse Director  

glass     fournier      doe

Annie Rowland, FNP, APRN    Kimberlee Johnson, LPN     Michelle Hammond-Susten, LCSW         

 annie    kimberlee      michelle                  

     Leila Ibrahim


Research Team:

    Meraida Polak, RN, BSN      Jane Bordeau, RN, BSN, MS                                         

  meraida  jane 

            Anna Partlow                                  Arish Jamil

 anna      arish                                                                                                            

Respiratory Therapy:

Rob Kelley, CRT                                 Shundolyn Harden, CRT

rob               shundolyn

Physical Therapy: (mobility issues “below the waist”)

Diane Beckwith, PT                          Laura Zajac-Cox, PT

diane             laura


Occupational Therapy: (mobility issues “above the waist” – hands/arms/fingers, too)

Megan Hite, OTR/L



Speech & Language Pathologist: (speech, swallowing, and technology access)

Paula Klingman-Palk, SLP          Krista Mullen, MS CCC-SLP

paula        krista


Nutritionist: (nutrition issues, weight loss)

Glen Bergman, CNSD, RD/LD       Erin McAllister, RD/LD

  glen          erin                             

Others you may see while at clinic: Orthotist, Equipment providers, Hospice, and Volunteers who will offer you snacks, and take your photo for us.