Movement Disorders Faculty

Movement Program Faculty






Aia, Pratibha

DBS programming/General Movement

DBS Clinical trials

Alexander, Garrett

General Movement

Motion Capture Laboratory

Buetefisch, Catherine

DBS programming/ Parkinsonism, dystonia

DBS, Neurorehabilitation, transcranial magnetic stimulation

DeLong, Mahlon

PD, Dystonia, DBS programming & surgical mapping

DBS trials, Basal ganglia circuitry

Doss-Esper, Christine

General Movement, DBS programming


Evatt, Marian

VA Neurology director,

PD, Dystonia, Toxin therapy

Clinical trials in PD and dystonia

Factor, Stewart

General Movement, HD, PD, dystonia, Toxin therapy, CCC

Biomarkers, Freezing of gait, genetics, clinical trials PD, dystonia, HD

Freeman, Alan

General Movement, Dystonia, toxin therapy

Clinical trials, PD and dystonia

Greene, James

Neurohospitalist Program director

HD, Dystonia, Toxin therapy-,


Hatcher-Martin, Jaime

General Movement, HD,

Telemedicine program

Biomarkers, Freezing of gait, clinical trials, PSP, HD & TD

Wearable devices

Huddleston, Daniel

General Movement, PD, Dystonia, toxin therapy

Neuroimaging (MRI) in Parkinsonism

Jinnah, Hyder

Dystonia, Toxin therapy

Basic research dystonia, Lesch Nyhan disease, clinical trials dystonia & tremor,

Dystonia Coalition PI

Juncos, Jorge

Tourette syndrome, PD

Clinical trials PD & Tourette syndrome


Wearable devices

Miocinovic, Svjetlana

DBS programming & surgical mapping, PD, Dystonia

Circuitry physiology in humans, DBS

Papa, Stella


Primate models of dyskinesia

Scorr, Laura

General Movement, PD, dystonia

Dystonia – nonmotor features, PD clinical trials

Silver, Michael

General neurology, Gen movement, toxin therapy

Clinical trials dystonia

Smith, Yoland


Anatomy Basal ganglia

Wichmann, Thomas

PD, HD, DBS surgical mapping

Primate models of PD,

Udall Center PI

Wilmot, George


Clinical trials ataxia

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Other collaborating Faculty



Bliwise, Donald

Sleep disorders

Sleep disturbance in Lewy body diseases

Rye, David

Sleep disorders

Basic research in mechanisms of sleep

Trotti, Lynn Marie

Sleep disorders, CCC

Sleep disorders mechanisms

Goldstein, Felicia

Neuropsychology, CCC

Head injury, AD, PD nonmotor issues, Freezing of gait

Loring, David

Neuropsychology in DBS

Neuropsychology in PD and epilepsy

Hermida, Adrianna

Psychiatry in PD, CCC


McDonald, William

Psychiatry in PD, Drug induced movement disorders

Depression in PD, Tardive dyskinesia

Levey, Allan

Alzheimer’s disease

Basic research dementia, clinical trials dementia, Director ADRC

Vaughan, Camille

Geriatrics, autonomic dysfunction in PD, CCC

Autonomic symptoms of PD, particularly bowel and bladder dysfunction

Gross, Robert

Neurosurgery, DBS

DBS, Gene therapy, Epilepsy surgery, basic science basal ganglia circuitry & epilepsy

Boulis, Nicolas

Neurosurgery, DBS

Stem cell research ALS

Willie, Jon

Neurosurgery, DBS

Epilepsy surgery

Miller, Gary


Basic research PD/environment

Hess, Ellen


Dystonia Models

McKay, Lucas


Gait and balance disorders in PD

Nocera, Joseph


Gait Physiology in PD

Ting, Lena


Balance, gait and rigidity physiology in PD

Tansy, Malu


Neuroinflammation in PD, Biomarkers

Abbreviations: HD = Huntington’s disease, PD =Parkinson’s disease, CCC=PD comprehensive care clinic, DBS=Deep brain stimulation